In 2019 CVTU was awarded a grant from the Pennsylvania Coldwater Heritage Partnership to develop a Coldwater Conservation Plan for the Letort Spring Run from Route 34 to Interstate 81.  Many of our long-time members and anglers on this section of the Letort had expressed concerns that attention needed to be given to this section of the stream to maintain its historical character.

Work on the plan started in earnest in early 2020 but was interrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic.  In spite of this obstacle, work continued on the report by working virtually.  We were able to complete necessary on-stream activities once pandemic restrictions were lifted.

In July of 2021 the plan was completed and a meeting was held to review our results with the public.  Once this was completed the report was submitted to and accepted by the Pennsylvania Coldwater Heritage Partnership.

Coldwater conservation plans are public documents.  You can download a copy from the Pennsylvania Coldwater Heritage Partnership website by clicking here and searching for “Letort”.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this plan a reality.