Underwater Brookie     We are 550+ volunteers in one of 48 Trout Unlimited Chapters in Pennsylvania.   The Commonwealth has over 13,000 TU members interested in the protection of our wild trout resources. We’re more than “just a fishing organization,” we restore streams through habitat improvement projects and conduct seminars on water quality and fisheries management.  We also work to educate the next generation about the importance of clean water and wild trout.  The work we accomplish is equally important to all those who enjoy outdoor sports or simply the beauty of nature.  In fact, clean water is the lifeblood of virtually every creature and plant on Earth.

     Come out with us as we enjoy and protect our local limestone streams.  Our waters are recognized by serious trout fishermen around the country as well as overseas.  Letort Spring Run is here in the Cumberland Valley, as is the Yellow Breeches, the Big Spring and also Green Spring.  We are also blessed with numerous native brook trout streams in our surrounding State Forests. We invite you to join us at one of our monthly membership meetings, held on the third Wednesday of the month.