On July 31st there was a large fish kill in the LeTort Spring Creek on Carlisle Barracks property.  An investigation is underway by Army and PA authorities, but the presence of on-going sewer pipe repairs points to the likely release of chemicals involved in that work.  The CVTU Board of Directors is concerned by this incident and wants to keep members informed of our actions following the event.  Through our community network, we found out about the incident immediately after it occurred from a post resident who observed the dead fish and contacted a board member, who relayed the information to PA Fish & Boat Commission.  Because of this early notification, a PAFBC officer was on post that same day to interview witnesses and gather fish samples for toxicology testing.  On the following day, another board member walked the water from the mouth upstream to the post boundary and saw no evidence of fish kill outside of the post.  The CVTU Chapter President wrote letters of concern to the editors of The Sentinel and the Patriot News/Penn Live (link here), published on August 3rd & 5th respectively.  On August 5th, Carlisle Barracks had a separate incident involving drinking water quality; post authorities state that the two incidents are not related.  As of August 15th, The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has informed the Carlisle Barracks that no Carlisle Barracks Garrison or U.S. Army War College activity is the source of a recent fish kill in the LeTort Spring Run, according to a Wednesday afternoon post on the Carlisle Barracks Garrison Commander Facebook page (see Sentinal article).   The PAFBC is continuing its investigation to uncover the polluter.  The board will continue to stay engaged on this issue, and will continue to send updates as we learn more about the investigation.